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Let’s Talk About Sweat Equity vs Cash 

Sweat Equity isn’t simple. It makes a lot of sense for a lot of businesses, especially entrepreneurs and startups. But are you selling yourself short?

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Is your Cannabis business about to be CANCELED?

Are you a Delta 8 company? How about a Delta 10 or THC? A If so, listen up cuz I’m talking to you. The 2023 Farm bill is coming and it’s aimed at your business.

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It Is NOT “All Fine” in the Cannabis Industry

The fight for the hemp industry in North Carolina is not over.

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Medical Cannabis in NC: BE PREPARED

Have you heard about medical cannabis coming to North Carolina? Interested in getting into the cannabis business? One of the number one calls that I get right now is how do I get a medical cannabis license?

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Will Delta-8 Exist in 2023?

At the beginning of every year, I get asked what do I think is the hottest trend coming for cannabis in 2022? So far, the hottest trend has been a category of products and derivatives that has now been deemed intoxicating derivatives.

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NC Hemp was almost DESTROYED by NC Legislature — Down to the WIRE

The end of the 2022 legislative session in North Carolina was very stressful for the North Carolina.

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Medical Cannabis in NC: Is this ACTUAL progress?

The NC Compassionate Care Act — also known as Senate Bill 711 — is one of my favorite topics.

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Cannabis Social Media Marketing – A Different Animal

Morgan Davis sits down with social media influencer and hemp advocate Cait Curley and talk about how Cait got on social media, how she built a following, the issues that arise in social media when marketing or discussing cannabis and hemp, and her advice for those entrepreneurs who are starting to focus on building a brand to grow their business.

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How the world’s largest Cannabis retailer has risen to the top

Is your cannabis company finding it challenging to scale your business during this time of regulatory uncertainty?

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A Cannabis Company Helping Veterans

We interview Bryan Buckley of Battle Brothers Foundation and Helmand Valley Growers Company to discuss Cannabis, Entrepreneurism, and Nonprofit Work.

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Economic Empowerment for Communities of Color in the Cannabis Industry

If you are concerned about creating economic empowerment for communities of color in the cannabis industry, you need to watch this interview with renowned attorney and activist Jillian Hishaw.

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The woes of CBD companies’ access to financial services: An interview with cannabis banking expert Katrina Skinner

Morgan Davis joins the weekly CBD Association vlog. We examine one of the leading obstacles for cannabis operators – the lack of access to adequate financial services.

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A free-flowing global cannabis marketplace?

Morgan Davis chats on this week’s CBD Association Insider vlog with cannabis business expert and consultant Richard Zwicky and CBDA cofounder Matt Lewis.

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What does the future hold for Delta-8 THC?

This week, Morgan Davis and Matt Lewis from the CBD Association welcomed top cannabis attorney Rod Kight to discuss all things Delta-8 THC.

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From China’s New CBD Rules to California’s Proposition 65

Morgan Davis sits down to discuss all things CBD with her cofounder of the CBD Association, Matt Lewis.

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DEA Can’t Catch a Break – New York Issues Aggressive New CBD Regulations

The DEA continues it’s trend of pleasing no one this week – several members of Congress have issued a public letter to the DEA calling for reconsideration of the controversial Interim Final Rule it issued in August regarding the classification and definition of cannabis and cannabis extracts.

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Several states to decide on the legalization of cannabis on Election Day

Several states will decide on the legalization of cannabis this election day. Montana, Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota and Mississippi all have ballot initiatives legalizing the use of marijuana for medical, recreational or both purposes. Polling results predict a good outcome for legalization at some level in all of these states. In the past several election cycles, ballot initiatives have been a very successful tool for the legalization of marijuana at the state level.

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Cannabis Industry Growing Pains: Regulation Updates, FDA making moves

All industries in their infancy face regulatory hurdles and growing pains. The cannabis industry is no exception. The lack of regulation on the federal level combined with the juxtaposition of state-by-state regulation has stunted the growth of the cannabis industry in the US. This week, we take a look at some of the developments on the regulatory front.

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