Whenever a business makes an important move, such as a merger, acquisition, or decides to go public, you can be almost certain a business attorney (or an entire team of attorneys) played a key role in the process. But what else does a business attorney do, and how do you know when to hire one? Here is an overview of what a business lawyer does and why working with one may be beneficial for your organization.

What Type of Services Does a Business Lawyer Provide?

A business law attorney mainly focuses on ensuring that a business stays compliant with applicable business regulations and also ensures the legality of all business operations. In addition, an attorney can also provide advice and legal services for someone starting a business, such as choosing the right business structure.

A business attorney can also assist with many matters related to trademarking your intellectual property or obtaining patents to protect your ideas. Your attorney also oversees the process of writing and entering into contracts and agreements with other parties, and can also be instrumental in the process of negotiating a resolution for a dispute.

Does a Business Law Attorney Handle Cases That Require a Court Trial?

Whenever a dispute arises, the fastest and least costly way of resolving it is through out-of-court negotiations, such as mediation or arbitration. A business law attorney is usually a skilled negotiator that can protect their client’s interests during this process.

However, not every case gets resolved amicably, and certain issues may require litigation. In this case, a business law attorney can represent their client during the litigation and trial process. Litigation can be costly and take longer to reach a resolution, so working with a business attorney who has successfully represented clients in a courtroom is fundamental for a successful outcome.

How Many Types of Business Law Are There?

Business lawyers perform an extremely valuable service for clients at key points where business and law overlap. Many issues a business lawyer helps entrepreneurs with may require knowledge of corporate law, partnership law, banking law, securities law, and even a combination of more than one area. Being well-versed in all the legal areas that may be relevant for a client’s business is an essential skill for a successful business attorney.

A business attorney can make all the difference for a business even when the business is still just an idea. From helping an aspiring business owner make the right plans, register a business, and make the right choices, to providing legal services and advice for a large corporation facing a merger, there is never a bad time to seek the advice of a business law attorney, regardless of the size of your business and complexity of your issues. Call us today at 919-756-6437 to get the help you need.