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About Us

How We Work

We don’t just protect you in court. Davis Legal is your key business advisor in a variety of matters concerning your company — from basic business formation and strategic planning to corporate governance, regulatory compliance with varied agencies and risk management. Davis Legal is based in Raleigh, NC, serving clients nationwide.

Our Approach

We Think Big Picture

We look at the big picture to better serve our clients. Our holistic approach means we ask insightful questions, so we can better understand your visions and goals.

We Serve the Dreamers + Innovators

Your dreams require a solid, intentional foundation to launch from — which includes a legal component. We help you prioritize those legal needs, so you can do what is best today for your dream to survive long term.

We’re Committed To Figuring It Out

We are diligent, flexible, and are committed to doing the hard work of finding the best possible solution for you. We find joy in that incredible moment when a project is complete and you are protected for the future.

We Embrace Collaboration

We work hand-in-hand with creative leaders to build solid foundations and foster belonging. We love teaming up with visionaries to help you properly bring your ideas to life.

We Enjoy Our Work

We take pleasure in what we do. Even after the work is done, we continue to care about your success. Gratitude, integrity, and good will are at the root of all our efforts.

Our Process

Davis Legal, PLLC is here to listen, and we want to hear your whole story. When we clearly understand your goals and challenges, we can help you get where you want to go. We love teaming up with visionaries to help them properly bring their ideas to life.

Our process is simple:



We ask questions to understand your holistic needs


Craft a Plan

We create a strategy to help you reach your goals


Collaborate to Completion

We work together, always answering your questions along the way


You’re Protected + Thriving

Your vision is a reality, built on a strong foundation

Our Attorneys

Morgan Davis Legal

Morgan Davis

Founder, Managing Partner

Skilled in Nonprofits, Corporate, Criminal, and Cannabis law.

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Morgan Davis is the Founder of Davis Legal, PLLC, a boutique cannabis law firm serving clients in Raleigh, NC and nationwide. Davis is an experienced attorney whose practice primarily focuses on matters of corporate law, cannabis and regulatory compliance. Davis has represented clients in both district and superior criminal court — including many clients charged with significant cannabis-related offenses. This is where Davis developed her passion for the cannabis industry. Davis Legal was founded to help those who want to use cannabis to heal others. The Firm is focused on assisting individuals and companies navigate the complexities of the cannabis industry and other plant-medicine industries. Put simply, Davis Legal wants to help you get your products into as many places as you would like them to be with as few obstacles as possible.

Current clients include cannabis cultivators, processors, retailers, investors, and retail product manufacturers. Davis is well-versed in the multi-faceted issues facing the cannabis industry, and routinely hosts seminars to educate businesses at every level of the cannabis market. In addition to representing clients in the cannabis industry in North Carolina, Davis is a subject matter expert regarding the vast state and federal issues facing the cannabis marketplace and other plant-medicine industries.

Affiliations & Accolades

George Caspar

Focused on Insurance and Criminal Defense

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George Caspar is a graduate of Loyola Law School in New Orleans. He was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar in 2000 and has since practiced in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and North Carolina. He currently focuses on the areas of Insurance and Criminal defense. Specifically, George represents clients charged with traffic offences, DWI, misdemeanors and drug charges.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help thoughtful leaders bring good ideas to life by providing practical legal guidance and encouraging creative problem solving.


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Davis Legal, PLLC is here to listen, and we want to hear your whole story. When we clearly understand your goals and challenges, we can help you get where you want to go. Fill out the form and we'll contact you to schedule a free initial consultation.

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