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Business Law

Morgan Davis is a Raleigh Business Lawyer Serving Clients Looking for Legal Services and Guidance in North Carolina

Starting and running a business in North Carolina can quickly become a complex task. It may require a business owner to make critical decisions to protect the future of their business and avoid potential legal headaches.

Navigating the business law territory is not easy or quick for most, and that is when a business attorney might make all the difference.

What Kind of Services Does a Business Attorney Provide?

The main focus of a business attorney is to provide advice, services, and guidance to ensure a company and its operations are all in compliance with local business regulations. In addition, a business attorney can assist business owners with a wide variety of legal matters that may come up as a result of starting, running, or dissolving a business.

Drafting contracts, preparing business tax filings, assisting with trademark or copyright issues, helping owners structure and register their business, and obtaining licensing are common tasks for a business attorney.

When potential conflicts or legal issues arise — such as contract, real estate or property disputes, and conflicts triggered by a sale or purchase of companies, stocks, and securities (for example) — a business attorney can step in and help negotiate an agreement or take matters to the courtroom and represent a business owner during a trial.

We can help you with:

  • Corporate formation, structuring and governance
  • Initial organizational documents
  • Start-up ecosystem access
  • Seed, angel, venture capital, debt, mezzanine and private-equity financings
  • Recapitalizations
  • Initial and secondary public offerings
  • Corporate finance
  • Regulatory and securities compliance
  • General corporate contracting
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Intellectual property planning, protection, contracting and licensing
  • Equity compensation planning and administration, including stock options
  • Employment and non-competition agreements
  • Strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • Crowdfunding
  • Tax strategies and counseling

Do I Need to See an Attorney to Start a New Business?

Many clients who wish to start a new business are confused about whether they need to see a lawyer in order to kickstart the process of creating their business. Because every business is unique, it will all depend on the complexity of your business as well as the niche or market you plan to operate in.

For example, if you are planning to start a sole proprietorship, chances are you might be able to handle many of the initial steps on your own, as a sole proprietorship is the most straightforward type of business in North Carolina.

However, if your business is potentially more complex or if you require a more elaborate structure such as a Corporation or an S-Corp, then it may be in your best interest to seek the help of an attorney.

Whether you plan to handle all the initial tasks yourself or you would rather let an attorney take care of them from the start, consulting a business law attorney can give you the confidence you need to start your business the right way, potentially avoiding future roadblocks and risks while staying compliant with local business regulations.

Why Should I Work With Davis Legal for My Business Law Needs?

Your business is our passion. We have assisted countless business owners in Raleigh and across North Carolina, providing reliable counsel and services to help them and their businesses overcome any challenges they may face along the road to success.

Whether you just want a contract drafted up or need strong legal representation to protect your interests in a trial, you can count on us.

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